Chattanooga’s Humane Educational Society is reporting an increase in the number of pets lost after remnants of Hurricane Irma passed through Chattanooga. (Photo: U.S. Army National Guard)

The Humane Educational Society has reported an increase in lost pets after the remnants of Hurricane Irma passed through the Chattanooga area and wants to remind pet owners to call the shelter if their pets are lost.

Animals can become quickly disoriented or frightened during strong storms, which leads many to try to run away during intense weather. HES officials said they assume the increase in calls is related to the weather from Irma.

HES reminds those who have lost their pets to check local shelters and consider investing in microchipping pets.


Microchipping allows for quick reunions between pets and their owners, as a scan of the chip will give the shelter the owner’s contact information.

HES offers microchipping for $25.

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