Aegle Gear has created alternatives to traditional scrubs. (Photo: Grant Dotson)

Nearly 5 million people have viewed a Facebook video featuring a product from a Chattanooga startup.

Longtime friends and colleagues George Brown and Uli Becker, who is the former CEO of Reebok, founded Aegle Gear, which provides alternatives to traditional scrubs for those in health care industries. The company also makes items for athletes.

Aegle Gear customer Alisha Armstrong recently purchased a pair of the scrubs and posted a video to show what they are like.


The 24-second video shows Armstrong pouring water directly onto the scrubs. The water doesn’t absorb into the clothing.

Brown reached out to a marketing guru friend and asked him why he thought the video resonated.

The conclusion is that it’s authentic, Brown said.

“It’s not overproduced; it even looks a little out of focus,” he said. “It just looks real.”

The video has spurred business. It’s taken the company from getting a handful of orders a week to getting about 60 a day. And people have started ordering all the products available, such as tank tops and leggings, not only the scrubs.

The design of the garments is ergonomic and offers many of the functions found in popular exercise apparel. And the garments last for at least 100 washes, Brown said.

The ripstop stretch fabric is treated with a hypoallergenic antimicrobial agent. The fabric includes a fluid repellent barrier that is built to be comfortable and easy to maintain.

All these features are aimed at eliminating pathogens and ultimately preventing the spread of disease.

After the video went viral, some people asked if pet hair will stick to the material. Brown wasn’t sure, so he did a test. He got dog hair clippings from a groomer and spread it all over the apparel, he said.

“I shook it out and the hair came right off,” he said.

Moving forward, the company will be looking to raise a round of Series A investment to take the business to the next level, Brown said.

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