Play Wash Pint is located at 113 Johnson St. near the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. (Photo: Contributed)

Nooga Paws co-owner Bob Poore has launched two new businesses, one of which allows customers to enjoy dogs and beer at the same time.

“We’ve been searching for other opportunities,” he said.

Bob and his co-owner/wife, Courtney, recently expanded their North Chattanooga natural pet products retail store, doubling the space from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet.


And, after a chance meeting at Girls Preparatory School’s Mad, Bad and Dangerous event, Bob saw an opportunity for another business, Nooga Turf, which installs and provides synthetic turfs that many animal lovers need, Bob said.

He used that business to supply turf for his latest venture, Play Wash Pint, which is a new dog park made up of almost 11,000 square feet of a dog-specific synthetic grass.

Play Wash Pint
Nooga Turf had been working on a lot of dog parks in other areas, and the space that Chattanooga Choo-Choo President Adam Kinsey had to fill on the property was set up well for something similar, Bob said.

So they dreamed up a space with washing stations, areas for different dog sizes and activities, a retail treat bar for the animals and a beer bar for adults.

There’s an area specifically for small dogs, there’s room for a private dog party, and there are a fetch zone and patio.

There are games for both dogs and people, more than 30 craft beer options, Velo coffee and space for food truck owners—who are already working out details about when they can set up outside the new park.

The business employs “ruff rangers,” who have been trained to look for specific behaviors, such as anxiety or aggression, in an effort to keep all dogs safe and comfortable.

Those employees also make sure there is fresh water, and they clean the turf with a sterilizing solution. Bob is a self-proclaimed clean freak and aims to make sure the turf area is fresh every day.

Play Wash Pint requires that pet owners provide vet records to help ensure that the animals don’t pass on sicknesses. That process can be done online.

Without the records, visitors can only hang out at the bar or on the patio.

Visitors can get a daily pass to try it out for $5. A monthly pass is $20, plus $5 for each additional dog up to three. Click here for more about memberships.

People without dogs are also welcome. Bob said he’s spoken with a couple of people who like to watch other people’s pets.

And while numbers are important to business owners, Bob is mainly concerned that visitors have a positive experience, and if they don’t, they can express their concerns so he can make improvements, he said.

“The feedback from people—that’s what I’m more concerned about,” he said. “I’m concerned about numbers, but not as much as I am concerned about experiences.”