Scenic City Concierge founder Jason Harville recently organized a yard sale for a client and hosted it at his home because of its location and better visibility for passersby. (Photo: Contributed)

Area resident Jason Harville enjoys doing tasks that other people would find stressful, so he’s recently turned that into a new business called Scenic City Concierge.

“I like running errands, organizing closets, hosting yard sales,” he said.

With his new company, he will essentially act as clients’ personal assistant.


Since launching Sept. 18, he’s taken on an array of tasks.

He’s created fall decorations; he’s worked on a blogger’s Pinterest board, booked a family vacation and delivered breast milk that a client needed to donate. For the latter errand, there were specific directions involved, such as getting dry ice, he said.

The list of tasks he will take on is long and can be found here, but he’s open to other possibilities.

“If it’s on your to-do list and it’s possible, we’ll figure it out,” he said.

Transporting people in a vehicle is the main thing he’s staying away from because of the liability that comes with that, he said.

Customers can pay $30 an hour or buy membershipsand Harville stressed that the services are available to anyone.

“It’s not a service that just the affluent people in Chattanooga can take advantage of,” he said. “[And people] don’t have to be nervous that someone else is doing things for them.”

He does a free consultation for clients to discuss the range of possibilities and build trust.

Part of his mission is to allow people to outsource stressful tasks so they can free up time to spend with their families or do things that bring them joy.

A recent study found that spending money on timesaving services can contribute to greater happiness. Click here for more about that from NPR.

Harville has friends with children and notices that they have so much to do that they can’t enjoy dinner or drinks, he said. Scenic City Concierge can remedy that, he said.

“I like helping people,” he said.

As he grows the business, he’d like to bring on a couple of other people to help provide services. He’s interested in finding people who are passionate about specific tasks, such as dog walking. That’s something he can do, but it’d be great to find someone who especially enjoys that task, he said.

And he wants to create relationships with Chattanooga-area businesses, whose leaders might need small things done and don’t want to or can’t hire another employee, he said.