The new Bettieville location is about 600 square feet and located on MLK Boulevard. (Photo: Staff)

Martin Luther King Boulevard’s Bettieville recently became the first business to participate in EPB’s Solar Share program

“After seeing promotions for EPB’s Solar Share and learning more about the value of community solar on their website, I found out how affordable participating in renewable energy can be,” owner Andie Sellers said in a prepared statement. “Now I get to be a part of something really cool and support Chattanooga’s environmental efforts.”

She’s licensed eight panels at EPB’s community solar power generation facility on Holtzclaw Avenue. The panels are expected to offset 62 percent of her average power use, according to a news release.


Launched in July 2017, Solar Share gives Chattanoogans a new choice for clean, renewable energy.

While living in Oregon, Sellers became aware of the growing interest in solar power generation.

I questioned why more people in Chattanooga didn’t adopt solar power,” she said. “But after learning about the barriers, and how EPB is lowering them, I knew I wanted to be an early commercial supporter of Solar Share.”    

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