The Edney Innovation Center is located at 1100 Market St. (Photo: Staff)

The city of Chattanooga’s information technology department will soon be moving into the Edney Innovation Center.

“We want to be inside the Innovation District so my innovators can connect with their innovators,” Chief Information Officer Brent Messer said.

City Council passed a resolution allowing the city of Chattanooga to enter the lease agreement with Dew Edney, owner of the Edney Innovation Center, during the Sept. 26 meeting.


However, the move won’t happen until early December, after renovations have been made to the new office space in the Edney.

The IT department is currently housed on a lower floor in the City Hall Annex, where it relocated from a larger space to make way for renovations there.

Because their annex office has become more cramped and the cost of renovations has increased, the city decided to move the department to a new location.

Leaders picked the Edney Innovation Center because of the potential the office’s collaborative environment offers for new ideas and opportunities.

Eventually, IT department officials hope to be able to create an open space for citizens to be able to come in and see what the department is doing.

That’s how [innovation] happens,” Messer said. “It happens when people clash together.”

Rent for the office space is set at $13,684 per month for the first three years of the lease and $14,094 per month for the last year. The IT department will be using the entire 7,790 square feet of the third floor.

Plans have not yet been made about what to do with the old space in the annex once the IT department leaves or whether the department will remain in the Edney after the four years on the lease are up.

“It depends on what the Innovation District does and what their plans are,” Messer said.

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Alina Hunter-Grah is a contributing writer. She currently attends UTC, where she was previously the news editor of the student newspaper, The University Echo. Alina also worked at CNN during the summer of 2017 and is the former Chattanooga correspondent for 2nd & Church, a literary magazine based out of Nashville.

Updated @ 7:51 a.m. on 10/11/17 to correct the square footage of the space, which was listed on documents as 17,790 but is actually 7,790.