The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s On the Go 2.0 smartphone app is helping nearly a quarter-million users more easily find places in Tennessee to hunt, fish, boat and view wildlife.

(Screenshot: TWRA)

The new version is easier to use for buying licenses, checking big game while afield, viewing interactive maps, applying for quota hunts and visiting the TWRA website.

One new feature is the “stay connected” page, which provides easy access to TWRA’s social media, Tennessee WildCast podcast, newsroom, outdoors and event calendar, and more.


Michael May, a TWRA assistant director, said in a prepared statement:

We have put a lot of time into improving our app, and we are happy to announce it is now available and free to all who enjoy our outdoors and want to learn more. If you want to find a boat ramp, public land to hunt on, a convenient way to check in big game, places where you can view birds and other wildlife, or keep up with news that pertains to the outdoors, this updated version of our app offers unlimited sources of information.

Smartphone users can click here to visit the TWRA website. If the current version is already installed, Apple users can easily upgrade via their app, while Android users will need to uninstall their current app before uploading the new one.

Hunters will be able to report big game harvests while in the field, as well as access an interactive map to find TWRA wildlife management areas and the locations of physical check stations and duck blinds.

Another feature is the “hunter’s backpack,” where hunter education courses, a summary of hunting seasons and full versions of the agency hunting guides can be found.

(Screenshot: TWRA)

Anglers can access the “fisherman’s tacklebox,” which includes fish identification, interactive maps to find boat ramp and fish access information, fish attractor locations, and trout stocking schedules.

Boaters can make use of the “boating locker” to find boat regulations, safety checklists, boating education information, navigational aids and recommended boating equipment.

And wildlife watchers are not left out. For them, there is information about where to view watchable wildlife across the state.