The Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute. (Photo: Contributed)

Scientists at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute will host River Teachers, an engaging seminar for high school teachers, Nov. 18 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The workshop will provide content ideas to create activities for students that meet Tennessee and Georgia standards. Attendees will be able to develop high school science curricula using real data that has been collected by aquarium researchers and conservation partners.

Topics covered by the workshop will include water quality, science and technology, dam removal, and native species reintroduction.


Participants will learn about some of the groundbreaking freshwater research that’s being conducted in the Southeast. In addition, they will learn how they can collaborate with the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute to become involved with community cleanup programs such as Tennessee River Rescue and Georgia Adopt-A-Stream.

Registration is $10 per person. Click here to register.

For more information, contact Hayley Wise, the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute’s watershed educator, at [email protected].

Cam Delligatti collects silt from a rain simulator. (Photo: Contributed)

Tennessee Aquarium named Tennessee Organization of the Year
At the recent annual fall conference of the Tennessee Environmental Education Association, held in Chattanooga, the Tennessee Aquarium was recognized as Tennessee Organization of the Year.

The award presentation included the following narrative:

Since 1992, the Tennessee Aquarium has helped the Chattanooga community understand and value the incredible animals that live in our backyard. The aquarium works to inspire wonder, appreciation and protection of water and all life that it sustains, and has cultivated a communitywide consciousness of environmental stewardship, while strengthening the Chattanooga community as an educational, environmental and economic driver of positive change. Every year, the award-winning education staff reaches nearly 200,000 individuals with inspiring programs delivered both on the aquarium campus and throughout the tri-state area.

The Tennessee Environmental Education Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting environmental education programs throughout Tennessee. TEEA also works to promote research, development and evaluation of environmental education materials, programs and activities.