Chattanooga musician Nick Lutsko performed a live version of a song he wrote for comedy website Super Deluxe this past weekend at the Frightening Ass Film Festival.

Lutsko’s new song, “Jones Iver,” imagines what it would be like if controversial media personality Alex Jones’ famous rants were performed as a quiet indie folk song.

The original Super Deluxe video has been viewed 2.5 million times on YouTube.


A video of his performance of “Jones Iver” was posted to his Facebook page Tuesday. The performance has 2,000 views.

Watch the original video below.

A radio host and known conspiracy theorist, Jones hosts “The Alex Jones Show” and runs, a conspiracy and fake news website. The Super Deluxe video was so popular that even Jones himself was compelled to respond.

In February, Lutsko’s emo Trump song went viral, garnering more than 10 million views.

Lutsko was the winner of the 2016 Road to Nightfall competition. Along with his band, a mix of life-size puppet people, he performs original songs that are playful and have melodies you’ll be humming for days.

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