Disney cosplayers at Anime Blast. (Photo: Contributed)

Fans of Japanese anime will gather next weekend for a three-day convention at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

The seventh annual Anime Blast is scheduled for Nov. 10–12 as a way for a diverse group of individuals to get together to grow their fandom.

Tickets are $45 for the entire weekend. Daily passes are also available.


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The convention, created “for fans, by fans,” has been exploding in the Chattanooga fandom scene since 2011, attracting fans from the city and nearby states.

Veloci-Rainbow will be a featured cosplayer at Anime Blast. (Photo: Michael Miller)

Anime, a style of animated Japanese film and television, has been popular in America for decades.

At Anime Blast, guests will enjoy panels from voice actors, cosplay contests, a fashion show, a dance party and fan-hosted panels on a variety of geek topics.

Attendees will have a chance to meet special guests, including voice actors Robbie Daymond and Chris Patton. Cosplay artist Veloci-Rainbow (AKA Artemis) will also be there.

Daymond is a Los Angeles-based performer. His works include traditional animation, anime, commercials and more. He currently stars on Disney XD’s “Spider-Man” as Peter Parker.

Patton is an 18-year veteran of voice acting. He has worked in more than 250 anime titles, narrated 150 audiobooks and even directed the regional premiere of Green Day’s “American Idiot.”

Animator Allyssa Lewis will also be in attendance. The Atlanta-based artist is the founder and director of My Animation Life, an animation and resourcing staffing agency. Her credits include 75 episodes of FX’s Emmy-winning “Archer.”

A complete list of special guests is available here.

Anime Blast is a family-friendly convention.