Anyone who has ever wondered about bus schedules may benefit from the upcoming event. (Photo: Staff).

The public will soon have an opportunity to get insight into factors that affect public transportation.

The Chattanooga Design Studio, Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority and Chattanooga Department of Transportation are hosting the Nov. 16 event, which will feature a lecture from transit design guru Jarrett Walker.

“The goal is to inform people about the wide range of factors that have to be considered as a city to determine what priorities there are around transit,” Chattanooga Design Studio’s Sally Morrow said.


Everything from urban density to neighborhood layouts can affect public transportation, she also said. The event is a chance to get insight into the complex workings of public transit.

“This lecture is an exploration of the forces that inform a transit network,” she said.

Walker is working with CARTA to evaluate current offerings, and officials also wanted to make the expert available to the public, Morrow said. This lecture is an opportunity to be involved in potential changes, she said.

And there will be a question-and-answer opportunity.

“If you have a burning question on how decisions get made or why they’ve been made, we’ll have some floor time,” she said.

This lecture is the inaugural event for the Robert C. Taylor Lecture Series, a new program of the Chattanooga Design Studio.

Organizers plan to have quarterly events with recognized scholars and practitioners to address topics related to urbanism, according to a news release.

Each lecture in the series will address one of four rotating thematic topics: transportation systems, public space systems, building systems or natural systems.

The program is scheduled to continue at least through 2020.

Future dates and speakers for the 2018 Robert C. Taylor Lecture Series will be announced by CDS in January.

Click here for more information on the upcoming event, which is slated for Nov. 16 at 5:30 p.m. at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center.