Locally based telemedicine platform WeCounsel has a new CEO who will work to grow the business. (Screenshot: Staff)

Chattanooga startup WeCounsel has a new leader with plans to shift the business.

“Our vision now is to continue becoming a dominant tech player,” new CEO Sam Johnson said. “The company, over time, has toyed with being a provider network … I’m shifting that focus to becoming a tech platform that enables many provider networks.”

Founded in 2011, WeCounsel started as an online network aimed at allowing patients to connect with therapists via videoconference.


Last year, the founder talked about money the company raised and a business pivot, and WeCounsel’s investors have now brought in Johnson to grow the company.

Currently, any behavioral health provider or provider group can use the WeCounsel platform to create, expand or innovate a virtual care program, Johnson said.

WeCounsel offers a comprehensive telemedicine suite comprising secure video and end-to-end practice management tools such as scheduling, document sharing and billing, as well as advanced workflow solutions designed for virtual patient encounters, according to a news release.

Starting in December, Johnson is going to start staffing up for a new sales push.

“The company itself is moving into a highly sales-focused organization,” he said.

In the next year, he wants to grow the sales team from one to six. The following year, he wants to double that to 12, he said.

Since WeCounsel’s inception, the focus has been on private-practice practitioners, but Johnson wants to focus on enterprise-size clients, he said.

His background has provided him with the knowledge to do that.

Johnson was the founder and CEO of Relatient, a provider of end-to-end health care messaging solutions.

The company used data to create a system that could help guide patients to the next step for their health. For example, it might remind them about their next appointment or let them know their medication needs to be refilled, he said.

In less than five years, he built the company from zero to 20,000 provider participants before selling his equity to a venture capital group, he said.

After taking some time off, he started looking for new opportunities. WeCounsel struck him because he saw a chance to be a pioneer in telemedicine care. He also said behavior health care is a growing part of the industry. 

“I just felt like with the current nature of the space that it would be an area I could contribute to and enjoy,” he said.