Co-working space Society of Work is expanding with a second downtown office. (Photo: Staff)

Society of Work will expand into its second downtown location in early 2018.

“We’ve seen the businesses at Society grow quickly, and we’re now able to continue supporting their growth with larger office space,” founder Kelly Fitzgerald said in a prepared statement.

The co-working space—which has a location in the Edney Innovation Center with more than 30 offices—will add 14 new offices on the second floor of the Loveman’s Building, located at 800 Market St.


The 5,600-square-foot space had served as the headquarters of venture incubator Lamp Post Group since 2010.

Lamp Post Group had used the space to incubate startups, but as the startups grew, many required dedicated offices of their own, according to a news release.

“This space means a lot to us, and we couldn’t be more confident that it’s in good hands,” Lamp Post Group co-founder Ted Alling said in a prepared statement.

Lamp Post Group and its logistics accelerator, Dynamo, will remain on the second floor of the building in Suite 201. Society of Work is renting Suite 200 of the second floor.

Society of Work is also partnering with Lamp Post Properties, which Lamp Post Group invested in a couple of years ago.

Lamp Post Properties’ portfolio now includes six buildings in downtown’s Innovation District.

Although the two companies could be seen as competitors because they both provide office space in downtown Chattanooga, Fitzgerald and Lamp Post Properties President Tiffanie Robinson see value in working together to help grow businesses in Chattanooga.

“Lamp Post Properties is excited to be a partner in this expansion,” Robinson said in a prepared statement. “Society of Work’s co-working space is so critical to growing businesses in Chattanooga, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership, as it aligns with our mission to serve Chattanooga’s startup and small business community.”

Society of Work’s Loveman’s space is due to open Jan. 1.

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Updated @ 3:42 p.m. on 11/13/17 to correct the number of offices Society of Work occupies at the Edney Innovation Center, which was originally reported as 70.