UnifiEd is seeking feedback about the public school system. (Screenshot: Staff)

Public school advocacy nonprofit UnifiEd is still taking feedback about a plan to address inequities in area schools.

“The more voices we can get added to this, the better,” Action Plan for Educational Excellence Project steering committee member Kimberly Mathis said. 

Committee members have been going out into the community and hosting events to get feedback about potential policies in hopes of creating a plan to improve the public school system.


The organization’s committee has gotten feedback online and through in-person meetings, Mathis said.

Mathis hosted a meeting at a friend’s home with more than a dozen people to discuss areas that need improvement.

The feedback Mathis has seen has been “quite varied.”

“I think people’s values really influence what they see as being important in schools and also what they see as being part of the problem,” she said.

The action plan project started in August, and leaders are taking feedback through Nov. 20.

After all the feedback is in, UnifiEd will process the information, identify the issues most people commented about and match the problems with best practices.

To provide feedback through an online survey or to watch a video about the project, click here.