Prime Imaging recently consolidated all of its branches’ names in order to reduce confusion among patients. (Screenshot: Prime Imaging)

A local radiology company has consolidated its branches to fit under one name in an effort to reduce confusion among area residents.

The company, previously known as Diagnostic Radiology Consultants, has four locations throughout Chattanooga that each had a different name. Now, each branch exists under the new brand: Prime Imaging.

The rebranding process began in the spring while the company was doing some inward marketing. They found out the different branch names were misleading and causing scheduling issues among customers.


I became aware that it was confusing for people,” Prime Imaging CEO Dr. Jim Busch said. “They couldn’t tell what places offered which services.”

Leaders at the company chose Prime Imaging because of the connotation the word “prime” has.

“‘Prime’ embodies the qualities we feel we provide,” Busch said. “We started thinking about that name and other places where it is used, like Amazon Prime. There, it means you’ll get something in two days.”

Prime Imaging sees itself as a high-quality radiology center because of the emphasis the company puts on turning around results to its patients.

“One of the worst things about worrying about cancer is the waiting,” he said. “We’re very sensitive to that. It’s a priority to get things done quickly.”

For more information about Prime Imaging, the services it offers or its locations, click here.

Alina Hunter-Grah is a contributing writer. She currently attends UTC, where she was previously the news editor of the student newspaper, The University Echo. Alina also worked at CNN during the summer of 2017 and is the former Chattanooga correspondent for 2nd & Church, a literary magazine based out of Nashville.