Adam Vazquez interviewed Lamp Post Group co-founder Ted Alling for the podcast during Startup Week. (Photo: Contributed)

A new local podcast aims to highlight Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial scene and inspire people to pursue their dreams by providing information on how to do that.

“‘The Startup Show’ is a podcast where we discuss starting small and chasing little dreams (not just massive, invested, earth-changing apps),” co-creator Adam Vazquez said via email. “We try to have authentic and practical conversations with ‘starters’ who are further along the path than we are. We’ve interviewed entrepreneurs, athletes, politicians, business leaders and investors.”

Vazquez and his friend/business partner Derek Rogers have been recording their podcast for about six months and slowly building up a following of between 1,500 and 3,000 listeners, depending on the episode.


They have focused in on starting small to encourage people who may not be chasing dreams that involve huge tech companies or other big businesses. They want to be a resource for people who have smaller but sustainable ideas that could turn into solid businesses or movements, Vazquez said.

“I think it can be easy to get discouraged when you start looking around and comparing yourself to Silicon Valley or other huge influencers,” he said. “The reality is, though, there is a ton of value in ‘the middle,’ and we want to talk about how to start regardless of the size of your aspiration.”

The duo creates the podcast out of the James Building downtown, and for the first 10 weeks, they released one episode a week. They’ve recently slowed that schedule down a bit in an effort to up the quality but have plans to ramp up the pace in 2018.

They recently completed their 13th episode. Vazquez does the interviewing, and Rogers is the “producer/audio engineer/creative genius who makes everything sound and look good,” Vazquez said.

Guests of the show have included serial entrepreneur, author and investor Gary Vaynerchuk, as well as Lamp Post Group’s Ted Alling and Bellhops co-founder Stephen Vlahos.

Upcoming episodes will feature Mayor Andy Berke, Jocelyn K. Glei and Jason Zook

Vazquez said the duo aims to think critically when working to pick podcast guests. They want people who can both inspire and offer practical advice.

To help grow their own business, it helps when someone with a high profile like Vaynerchuk does the show, he said.

“It was an honor to have him on and a super-kind move on his part to join us,” Vazquez said.

Anyone who wants to start something or be challenged with new ideas should tune in, he also said.

“We hope to inspire people to take action and pursue ‘the thing’ in front of them,” Vazquez said. “More than that, we want to give practical advice and encouragement to people who are looking for specific ideas on how to start.”

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