GreenTrips has helped avoid 2.2 million pounds in auto emissions, save $570,866 in gasoline and accounted for about 3.3 million miles of sustainably driven miles between 2013 and 2017. (Graphic: Contributed)

Traffic and air pollution reduction program GreenTrips has relaunched its trip-logging, incentives and carpool-matching services through a new website and iOS app.

GreenTrips provides incentives to encourage users to choose transportation methods that reduce traffic and air pollution.

The incentives are given out using a point system where users gain points for walking, biking, carpooling, taking public transit, working from home or doing a compressed workweek. Users can redeem points for gift cards and discounts.


Users can also connect their Facebook pages as a means of finding carpool matches or trip partners. The new site will also have language options.

“We are very excited to offer this new and improved service,” GreenTrips coordinator Jonathon Gibbons said in a prepared statement. “We have had plenty of people asking about how to find carpools and how to earn rewards. Now, just go to for both.”

GreenTrips’ website went offline a few months ago after its first three-year grant with Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality ended. While offline, GreenTrips continued to host its normal events and received the Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Award. GreenTrips is now operating under a second CMAQ grant.

Since its launch in 2013, GreenTrips, with its 1,700 users, has avoided 2.2 million pounds of air pollution, traveled 3.3 million miles sustainably and saved over $570,866 on fuel.