Nutrition World opened in 1979 and now employs a wide range of health care pros. (Photo: Nutrition World)

Nutrition World is a holistic health products store that’s been locally owned and operated in Chattanooga since 1979.

The store, located at 6201 Lee Highway, sells top-quality nutritional supplements, natural products, healthy foods, essential oils, probiotics, herbals teas, hemp and more.

“On top of our products, our knowledgeable staff always has friendly, top-notch advice to provide to our customers,” said Cady Jones, co-owner of Nutrition World.

Nutrition World is co-owned by Cady’s father, Ed Jones, a holistic health expert who is passionate about natural health, holistic health, natural healing and physical fitness. He has a variety of degrees and certifications, and is a professional member of the American Botanical Council, which is a nonprofit organization that helps people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs and medicinal plants.

Vitamins and supplements, as well as a staff who can help you with them, are available at Nutrition World. (Photo: Nutrition World)

“Ed seeks to empower people to take control of their health through the use of holistic approaches to accomplish peak vitality and complete wellness,” Cady said. “He truly wants to be your partner on your wellness journey.”

As the store’s leader, he has personally immersed himself in everything from aromatherapy to float tanks to acupuncture so he can pass along what he’s learned from nontraditional healing methods to his customers.

Additionally, Nutrition World is an Ideal Protein diet specialist, meaning coaches can direct anyone who wants to adopt the successful diet regimen to obtain their weight and health goals.

“The earth provides us with everything we need to live our best lives; however, we have wavered off this path because of the toxic world we live in,” Cady said. “We are committed to directing folks back to a holistic lifestyle.”

To that end, Nutrition World provides customers access to a massage therapist, wellness experts, diet specialists and more to help them achieve total body and mind health.

Looking forward, Nutrition World owners will launch the Chattanooga Wellness Corner, which will offer even more services: acupuncture, counseling, midwifery, personal training, thermography screenings, chiropractic care and more.

“We have spent our nearly 40 years in business striving for ways to serve the whole body,” Cady said. “Just like there is always a way to do more for yourself health-wise, there is always more we can do to help you get there.”

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