Iris comes in three colors—black, silver and gold—and allows for customizable etching. (Photo: Contributed)

A local entrepreneur and photographer have teamed up to create a unique camera accessory.

“As a photographer, I’ve always wanted a cap that reflected my own creativity and complemented my equipment,” Morgan Nowland said in a prepared statement. 

Nowland teamed up with entrepreneur Matt Averyhart to invent the Iris lens cap, a magnetic lens that comes in three colors and allows for laser-etched customization. These allow photographers to put their business logos or other creative designs on their lenses. 


Averyhart and Nowland have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the invention. Currently, they’ve only created prototypes. If they meet the fundraising goal, the product will be made at the Business Development Center here.

The lens is a unique alternative to a traditional black plastic cap, Averyhart said.

The magnets that attach the cap to the camera are small and won’t damage any equipment or photos, he also said.

The magnetic cap fits securely, and is easier and more dependable than some other options, he said.

“I think what’s really awesome about Iris is that it’s a great gift idea for a photographer,” he said.