Pure Sodaworks co-founder Matt Rogers talks about his company’s mission during Co.Lab’s recent pitch night. (Photo: Staff)

Chattanooga business accelerator The Company Lab recently showcased its fall 2017 cohort of startup businesses during a pitch night.

“The companies that have been in our accelerator for the past couple of months are extremely strong, and they’ve all made a lot of progress,” Co.Lab Chief Communication Officer Tia Capps said.

Check out information below about the businesses, some of which have already achieved early success by landing deals, while others are seeking resources to boost their businesses.


Pure Sodaworks
Pure Sodaworks, a Chattanooga natural soda company, is a company that has experienced some success while at Co.Lab.

The company announced during their pitch that they had recently finalized a deal to sell its sodas in Cracker Barrel stores across the U.S.

Please Assist Me
Please Assist Me is an online platform that allows customers to outsource their daily chores to employees of the company.

Stephanie Cummings got the idea for this business after feeling frustrated about coming home and having to choose between doing chores or spending time with her family.

“My work-life balance suffered,” Cummings said.

This business offers comprehensive services that include things like house cleaning, grocery shopping, mail fetching and laundry services. Each employee wears a body cam and is insured up to $1 million per visit.

Please Assist Me is currently based in Nashville and has been able to work with an apartment complex there to get the cost of Please Assist Me added to the price of rent.

Cummings is asking for a $500,000 investment to spread Please Assist Me’s services to Chattanooga and Atlanta.

LMFT Connect
LMFT Connect is a startup that assists family and marriage therapists who need clinical supervision complete their training by offering the first virtual portal for the training.

Rachel McCrickard got the idea for the business after feeling annoyed with having to go out of her way to meet her clinical supervisor after working long hours. She wanted to make this process easier for others.

LMFT Connect is already an official partner of North Central University in Minneapolis.

McCrickard said she is looking for someone to fill the chief operations officer and chief technology officer positions within LMFT Connect.

Village Creed
Village Creed was created to facilitate more meaningful partnerships between volunteers and nonprofits by sparking interest in volunteers.

“Just showing up is half the battle,” Tony Whitehead, chief operating officer, said. “[I] realized that you can begin to restore a broken person’s dignity simply by showing up and looking him in the eye and using their name.”

Village Creed shows users all the volunteer opportunities in the area and lets the user pick which ones to engage with. Village Creed also uses the volunteers’ web accounts to compile a list of experiences for their résumés.

Whitehead said he’s seeking $325,000 to hire a seasoned sales professional.

Scoopsmith is a business dedicated to those looking for workout supplements that are safe to consume.

Benjamin Lowry created Scoopsmith after his friend had a heart attack from using a workout supplement that was laced with bad chemicals. Because the Federal Drug Administration does not regulate supplements, he wanted to provide a place where people could dictate exactly what is in them.

Scoopsmith allows customers to make their own mixes based on their personal needs and desired outcomes. Scoopsmith founders are also interested in selling its mixes to local businesses like chiropractors and other supplement shops.

“Everyone wants to know what they’re putting in their bodies,” Lowry said.

Scoopsmith is currently looking for a manufacturing partner to help them expand.

Tryall was founded by three men who were tired of seeing unwanted credit card charges after they forgot to cancel a free trial of a product.

Users can avoid these costs by signing up for a free trial through Tryall’s website, where they can then easily end the subscription.

Gabriel Wamunyu, Anthony Wamunyu Maina and Jason Oteng-Nyame are now looking for companies to help them beta test their new website.

About pitch night
The Company Lab’s accelerator program aims to get startup businesses with potential for high growth off the ground by supplying mentorship. Each cohort has an entrepreneur-in-residence to help guide these businesses.

At the end of the program, founders pitch their ideas to potential investors in hopes of getting resources to help them thrive.

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Updated @ 2:53 p.m. on 12/7/17 to correct a factual error: Whitehead is the COO of Village Creed, not the creator, as originally reported.