Project Inspire candidates recently gave mini-lessons at Battle Academy. (Photo: Staff)

Local teacher residency program Project Inspire is taking applications.

The program allows participants to earn a tuition-free master’s of arts and teaching license in 14 months.

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Although applications are still open, officials have already put some through the interview process, which includes a group discussion and a seven-minute lesson to elementary school students.

Candidate Maddi Everts went through the process after she spent six years working on two degrees, thinking she would go into the sports marketing industry. 

But, eventually, Everts realized she wanted to do something that allowed her to help the community more.

“Teaching had always been in the back of my mind,” she said. “My mom is an educator. I guess growing up with that and seeing how much she loved it and how she got to serve and develop relationships with students and see them grow every day—that was intriguing to me.”

During her mini-lesson, Everts taught reading comprehension by letting students order the events of a story by hanging clothespins with story details.

Another candidate told students about a book they’d read recently. She taught them about recognizing important developments in a book.

Everts said that Project Inspire is giving her a chance to give back to her community.

“Now that I know I want to teach, I could find any way to do that, but I’m so drawn to this because they give back in a great way,” she said.

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