What’s on your Christmas list? (Photo: Chinh Le Duc, Unsplash)

The holiday season can be quite stressful. From trying to brainstorm gifts to going out and shopping for them, it’s not always easy. For me, my stress happens when it’s time to wrap gifts. I’m not always that great at it and I always try to rush through it. I also think it’s because I set my standards too high. I always want my gifts to look super-professional and perfect. So when I’m finished, they usually look nothing like I thought they would.

When it comes to gifts, I like to leave hints of ideas for myself all around. Whether it’s on Pinterest or my blog, I’m pretty straightforward (I think) when it comes to gifts. Food-related items are always great, as are jewelry and, of course, cash. Seriously, I’m not one of those people who thinks that giving cash or gift cards is thoughtless. Today’s column is a short roundup of a few kitchen items that I want. Should anyone give me a large-enough gift card, I’m going to purchase these items.

What’s on your wish list this year?


Nespresso machine
I’m convinced that I need a Nespresso machine. Maybe it’s the commercials or maybe it’s because one of my friends swears by her machine, but I think it would be a lovely addition to my coffee setup.

Citrus juicer
Yes, I know, you can juice citrus by hand or in a nonexpensive press, but these are just so cute. It seems like they make juicing oranges and grapefruits so easy.

Sous vide cooker
Apparently, this is the former “secret” tool that a lot of chefs use. It helps cook food evenly.

Digital meat thermometer
I have a meat thermometer, but honestly, it’s not that great. I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a while, but it doesn’t seem like a total necessity. I’ve read lots of reviews for the perfect digital thermometer, and soon, I’ll make a decision on which one to get.

What kitchen item are you asking for this holiday season?

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