A travel sticker featuring Umbrella Rock on Lookout Mountain. (Photo: Picnooga)

A local organization has launched a crowdsourced Chattanooga history collection online.

Picnooga’s interactive website features hundreds of photos and scanned documents. More additions are expected to be added on a regular basis.

According to Picnooga founder David Moon, the collection is a landing page for the photos, documents and objects collected since the organization was founded in 2014.


More than 100 items have already been added for the soft launch of the site. Photos span Chattanooga history from pre-Civil War to the early 1970s. Subcategories include portraits, Lookout Mountain, downtown and Jim Crow-era items.

“It’ll eventually be so much more than images,” Moon said. “There will be a lot of stuff mixed in. We also have a collection of objects to feature, including an authentic Mr. Peanut costume.”

Click here to browse the collection.

Picnooga is known for their Facebook page, which boasts more than 37,000 followers. Moon said the collections page is for people who want to explore Chattanooga’s history on a more intimate level.

It’s about not letting things go underappreciated,” he said. “There’s always history being found out, and that’s the beauty of crowdsourcing. Some of the items we know very little about other than the photo posted. We hope users help us with information by adding their knowledge to the site. We want it to be a living, breathing thing.” 

Documents such as postcards, menus and flyers can be viewed at a higher resolution than a Facebook post would allow. Site visitors can read a full Krystal’s menu from the early days of the restaurant in the late 1930s, for example.

In 2018, Moon said he’ll be adding interactive maps and more categories—such as Chattanooga hotels—to the site.

And Picnooga is always looking for treasures to add to their growing collection.

Click here for more information on donating items or funding the Picnooga project.