Water straight from the tap can be harmful to consume. (Photo: Aidan Meyer, StockSnap)

Water is essential for living. Not only do we need it for basic daily tasks like cleaning clothes, making dinner and taking showers, but doctors and health experts routinely remind us how important it is to drink at least 60 ounces of it each day. But the good water does for our bodies can be counteracted if the water we put into our systems isn’t properly purified.

Bottled water is an option, sure, but an expensive one, if you rely exclusively on it; plus, the plastic bottles are poisoning our environment. And research has found that 40 percent of bottled water is just tap water, so not just any bottled water will be a good solution. A better, more economical solution is a water filtration system.

Clearly, a water filtration system reduces harmful contaminants found in tap water. These contaminants range from aluminum to arsenic to detergent byproducts to prescription drugs that someone has unwisely flushed down the toilet. A growing number of experts are calling attention to these contaminants because they can contribute to the epidemic health conditions experienced by many today. These health conditions include learning issues, behavioral problems, altered immune systems, prostate and breast issues, obesity, heartburn, urinary tract infections, chronic fatigue and early puberty in both sexes.

The cumulative effects of years of consumption of unfiltered water can be devastating to internal chemistry and health. It’s extremely important for infants and young people to be given purified water because their newly developed immune systems are very vulnerable to toxicity.

I believe pure water is an essential of good health. But most don’t consider filtering their water to be a necessity because the toxins it often contains are tasteless, odorless and colorless. So your water tastes pure even though it probably isn’t. Many think their refrigerator filter is adequate, but again, it is often only improving taste and removing only a few contaminants.  

Some research is necessary to choose which filtration system is right for you. “Buyer beware” is just as true for buying a water filtration system as it is for any purchase. Most companies selling them claim to improve taste and eliminate chlorine, and perhaps a few other basic chemicals. But there’s more to get out of your water than chlorine, so this shouldn’t sell you on a system. I recommend a system that removes fluoride, because it takes a very high-quality filtration system to remove this tiny molecule. If your purifier can remove fluoride, it can remove almost anything. My favorite low-cost filter I recommend is called Propur. It removes chlorine, fluoride and over 200 other chemicals—all for less than $75.

Here at Nutrition World, we also have a trusted expert who can install a complete home filtration unit for those requiring this level of purification.

And don’t confuse “purification” with “distillation.” They are not the same; click here for an article called “Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water,” which explains the differences. The full book on the topic I most recommend on the vital importance of drinking water for our health is called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water,” available from Amazon.com here. The author of this book also maintains a blog here. I have written more extensively on the topic of water and health in my book “Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired,” available for free here.

Ed Jones is a Chattanooga holistic health expert who is passionate about natural health, holistic health, natural healing and physical fitness. He is a graduate of American Health Science University and received his associate in arts degree in 1978 from MTSU. He is also a professional member of the American Botanical Council, a nonprofit organization that helps people live healthier lives through responsible use of herbs and medicinal plants. He is constantly training in new areas, attends seminars across the country and has had personal interactions with many of today’s experts on natural health. He seeks to inspire and empower people to take control of their health through the use of holistic approaches to accomplish peak vitality and complete wellness.

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