Derelle Roshell is relaunching his chocolate business. (Photo: Contributed)

Chattanooga-grown entrepreneur Derelle Roshell is relaunching the business he put on hold as he grew from a teenager to a young adult.

“It was my first dive into the entrepreneurial world,” Roshell said of his chocolate company, Lingua Cocoa. “I’m super-excited to take something that was popular at the time and bring it back to the market now that I have more free time and more capabilities.”

Lingua Cocoa launched after Roshell took a class with LAUNCH, a local organization that aims to empower community members through entrepreneurship, job training and mentorship.


He partnered with Chattanooga’s The Hot Chocolatier to produce the chocolate, which is infused with spices from around the world.

But at that time, he was a high school student. He went on to attend Chattanooga State Community College, where he studied business, before launching other companies here and eventually moving to Nashville, where he still lives.

He’s relaunching the business in Nashville and Chattanooga, and aiming to make products available online by February.

He’s currently working with three companies to make samples, and he plans to launch with three different bars.

Roshell is also working to get the products in coffee shops in Chattanooga and Nashville, he said.

“I can’t express how excited I am to try to get back in touch with my Chattanooga market,” he said.

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