A view from Blackberry Mountain. (Screenshot: EarthCam)

A new webcam offers scenic views of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee from wherever you might be.

The new EarthCam view offers stunning views of Blackberry Mountain and the surrounding scenery near Walland, Tennessee.

According to EarthCam:

Rising above Miller’s Cove in Walland, Tennessee, Blackberry Mountain has dedicated 2,800 acres of land to conservation. This effort to preserve the natural wonder of the mountains offers breathtaking views and a serene escape from the stresses of modern life in a private national park setting. EarthCam is proud to support Blackberry Mountain’s commitment to land conservation by sharing live webcam views of this beautiful location.

Click here to view the webcam.

“From the smallest details to the expansive views, [Blackberry Mountain] is an incredible place,” said Nick DiBartolomeo, Vice President of finance at Blackberry Mountain. “Whether you are here to explore the land in person, or at home enjoying the view from the camera, you get to experience a place that is so meaningful. We hope that it will encourage exploration and heighten appreciation for the beauty of East Tennessee.”

EarthCam offers highly trafficked tourism cams with views of popular locations and landmarks throughout the world. Highlights include Times Square, Las Vegas Strip, Bourbon Street, Eiffel Tower and Abbey Road Crossing in London.

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