Kenco Group has been using electronic devices in their business for years. The company recently weighed in on a new federal mandate that requires drivers to keep electronic logs. (Photo: Kenco)

For Chattanooga third-party logistics company Kenco Group, a new federal mandate is a positive change for the industry because it means cost savings, safety improvements and more efficiency.

And the company’s Vice President of Transporation Richard Scott said the new rule that requires drivers to log their work electronically is bringing the rest of the industry in line with what Kenco has been doing.

For years, Kenco has used onboard computers to monitor the need for maintenance, among other functions, including electronic logging.


“It’s forcing the rest of the world to do it the way I’ve had to,” he said. “Electronic logs, you can’t falsify. Paper logs you can play in gray areas. When you play in those gray areas, you can manage to put a lot more miles on your truck.”

Scott said that electronic logs cut costs because there’s no need to manually edit logs. Money that goes toward paying someone to do that can be reinvested in another way, he said.

The system Kenco uses also allows the company to monitor driver locations at all times, allowing them to protect drivers from inclement weather and communicate potential weather delays to our customers immediately.

“This benefit isn’t necessarily a part of every [electronic logging device] system, but our top-of-the-line equipment ensures our units have this function,” Scott said in a blog post

The monitoring system also allows Kenco’s dispatch team to have a more accurate view of drivers’ positions, availabilities and capabilities so they can communicate that quickly to customers.

The electronic logs are more accurate, which helps drivers keep their work-rest balance within healthy, legal limits, Scott also said.

“Our [electronic logging device] systems give them the heads up that they have 15 or 30 minutes to find somewhere safe to stop and rest for the evening, which in turn leads to better sleeping habits and more alert driving—it’s all part of Kenco’s commitment to our drivers’ safety,” he said in the blog.

Although American Trucking Association members have been using this kind of technology for a while, there’s also been resistance to the change from independent drivers and trade groups, according to a article.

Scott said that anyone who got used to skirting the rules may not like the new mandate.

“Some trucking companies, if they’ve been doing untoward things, they will have a tough time adjusting,” he said.

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