APEX bus tour officials aim to get public input on issues in the Hamilton County educational system. (Screenshot: Staff)

UnifiEd is launching the second phase of its Action Plan for Educational Excellence, a bus tour that aims to get the public’s opinion on what educational needs should be prioritized.

During this phase, the APEX bus will visit several community spots, where leaders will ask passersby to order a list of 25 public school-related issues.

Each of these 25 categories will be explained through an interactive exhibit outfitted in a little red school bus known as The Passage. This mobile classroom is owned by local teachers Brittany Harris and Colleen Ryan, and sometimes visits homes to teach parents strategies to effectively help their students.


The list of issues is the product of the APEX survey, which was open to the public from August through November. The survey asked participants to identify issues of inequity within the school system and potential solutions to those problems. These issues were then analyzed to find out which 25 concerns were mentioned the most often.

More than 2,600 people participated in this survey.

The issues and solutions with the most votes will be matched with best-practice research on solutions proven to work in schools across the country to solve similar issues. These solutions will be the Action Plan for Educational Excellence policy platform and will be released in February.

The bus tour schedule can be found here.

Those interested in voting who cannot make it to one of the bus tour dates may vote online at the page linked above. A version of the poll in Spanish also exists on the program’s web page.