Natasha Ferrier (left) and Grace Holtz will co-host the monthly showcase. (Photo: Jaya Todai)

They are hilarious comics who happen to be female. Not just “female comics,” as they’ve been described, not “funny for women,” God forbid, but just, simply, funny.

And they’re bringing a bunch of funny comics to Chattanooga to perform.

Chattanooga comics Natasha Ferrier and Grace Holtz will host a showcase at The Palace Theatre Feb. 24.


The show is called Once a Month, which is how often they plan to host similar shows. 

The first lineup includes a top-to-bottom showcase of comedians from throughout the Southeast.

Admission is $5 at the door. Doors open at 8 p.m. for mingling, and showtime is 9 p.m.

Ten percent of proceeds will benefit a local arts organization.

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“The idea started from being a funny comedian in a small town,” Ferrier said. “The shows were 90 percent male and 10 percent were female. We are mostly the ‘token female,’ and we wanted to do a show that was all women.”

Ferrier said the show is not about “sticking it to the man,” but rather a celebration of women and a forum for comics throughout the Southeast to gather.

“I went to 30 cities last year, and every city had two to three female comedians,” she said. “It wasn’t just Chattanooga. Men just heavily outweigh females.”

Once a Month debuts Feb. 24 at The Palace. (Art: Tara Hamilton)

At comedy festivals, however, the sentiment is much different. There, women from across the country can gather and perform together. Ferrier said she was shocked by how many females are doing comedy.

“It was just really uplifting to see us all together and excelling in comedy,” she said. “You have no idea. That was what started the idea for Once a Month.”

Comics will have 10 minutes to perform.

Appearing at the first showcase will be Sam Gordon, Jen Lenny, Paige McBride, Laura Peek, Brynne Ruff and Samm Severin.

Each month, the poster art, social media graphics, photographers and more will also be provided by females. 

“We’ve been contacting female comedians throughout the Southeast,” Holtz said. “We’ve noticed doing all-female shows … brings a whole different type of audience than is used to at a male-dominated show. It makes everyone comfortable.”

Holtz said she hopes the show will be inspiring, but also really funny.

“We’ll bring in new talent each month, so each show will be different,” she said. “You’re not just seeing the same show each time. ‘Fun and nifty’ is how I would describe it.”

“And rad,” Ferrier said. “I want people to leave so happy.”