The Bohannons. (Photo: William Joseph Johnson Photography)

Chattanooga rockers The Bohannons have announced that their song “Run the Roads” will be used in the upcoming season of “Sneaky Pete,” which can be streamed through Amazon Video.

Created by David Shore (“Justified”) and produced by Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”), the show stars Giovanni Ribisi as Marius Josipovic, a recently released convict who adopts the life of his former cellmate so that he can try to escape his own past. However, the family that he cons has their own problems and buried secrets. The series pilot debuted in August 2015, but the series as a whole premiered on Amazon’s streaming service Jan. 13, 2017. The new season will be available March 9.

The Bohannons have been busy touring in support of their latest record, 2017’s “Luminary Angels,” and are now booking appearances at various festivals for the coming year. The opening track to their new album, “Run the Roads” is awash in Southern rock sounds but also recalls the anthemic noise of bands like The Who and Led Zeppelin.


“Run the Roads” was tracked by Alex Norfleet in the band’s studio in Chattanooga and mixed at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, Mississippi, by Matt Patton and Bronson Tew.

“In 2016, we signed with a new boutique label called Cornelius Chapel Records, and part of the deal was that they pitch our songs for inclusion in TV shows and movies,” singer-guitarist Martin Bohannon said.

There is a process for getting music in a show, Bohannon said:

They have reps in and around Los Angeles that take the records to the writers’ tables. A scene description is presented, and the writer/director proposes a style of music. Since it’s deadline-oriented, it usually happens quick. We’ve been lucky with placement opportunities … We’ve gotten cool stuff, but it would be hard to turn down a cat litter commercial right now.

The Bohannons also revealed that they are going to be releasing a new record called “Bloodroot” later this year, so fans of the band can expect some new rock rumblings at some point in the future.

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Watch the trailer for the upcoming season of “Sneaky Pete” below.

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