A local couple is suing a child care facility after their baby died there. (Photo: MGNOnline)

A Chattanooga couple has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the child care center where their baby died.

Will and Logan Hunt said they left their 4-month-old, Warren, at East Ridge’s Childcare Network.

At some point on the afternoon of Nov. 9, Warren was placed on a blanket or bedding on the floor of the facility, according to the lawsuit.


The baby flipped to his stomach, and supervisors left him unattended. When they checked on him, he was unresponsive.

No one performed CPR, despite a state requirement that child care centers require employees to be provided with ongoing training on this and other safety topics, according to the lawsuit.

The Tennessee Department of Human Resources found that the facility committed four violations, including inadequate supervision of napping children, failure to properly train staff and failure to implement CPR.

The lawsuit alleges negligent, reckless and/or intentional conduct that constitutes a breach of duty to provide competent care for Warren.

The plaintiffs are asking for a trial jury and to be awarded compensatory damages including but not limited to damages for wrongful death in the amount of $5 million.

A representative for Childcare Network couldn’t immediately be reached.

Read the entire lawsuit below.