HCDE officials said they are working to keep students safe. (Photo: MGNOnline)

Hamilton County Department of Education officials take regular precautions to prevent danger—such as shootings—at local schools.

“We review our safety procedures and drill on a regular basis,” spokesman Tim Hensley said via email. “Incidents like [the Parkland, Florida, shooting] just make that attention to detail even more important.”

School officials are also reaching out to parents, who may be able to help prevent problems, he also said.


The school system has an anonymous tip line via the website that lets anyone report concerns, such as a change in someone’s behavior or a social media post, Hensley said.

Officials have notified parents about the tip line, which also allows those reporting to upload a screenshot of any concerning social media post, picture or document.

Hensley also said:

The schools also work very closely with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s [Office], which provides resource officers for our schools. Law enforcement shares their expertise in safety situations and planning, and assists our schools with safety plans and drills. Counselors in our schools can help with children suffering from worry or grief as a result of these incidents.

Over the weekend, the East Ridge Police Department said they didn’t see a reason to be worried about a teen’s social media post, which prompted multiple calls of concern. Click here for more on that.