The New York Times featured Chattanooga in an extensive article. (Screenshot: New York Times)

Roving travel reporter Jada Yuan visited Chattanooga as a part of her ongoing “52 Places Traveler” series for The New York Times.

The article “Chattanooga is Changing. But Its Charms Remain” can be read here. 

Yuan’s extensive article highlighted some of Chattanooga’s best aspects: outdoor sports, scenic views, “great coffee shops” and local restaurants.


During her stay, she visited The Dwell, enjoyed passing through “the impossibly narrow” Pickle Barrel and “the eternal hotspot” that is Flying Squirrel Bar. She even enjoyed a dinner with locals at Taconooga.

She also spent time at the new Westin and Choo Choo Hotel.

From the article:

“Every time I go to a new place, I play a game where I ask myself if I could live there rather than New York City. The answer is usually no, but Chattanooga surprised me. For all its contradictions, every day I was there, I liked the city more: the views, the people, the phenomenal coffee shops — even the internet, which proved to be life-changing …”

Follow Yuan’s journey here.