UTC students responded to a survey about the campus climate. (Photo: UTC University Relations)

UTC officials recently released results of a campus survey aimed at gauging how comfortable students are with the university’s current environment.

“What we know is that how students feel about their campus tremendously impacts how they do academically,” said Dr. Noma Anderson, who is the special adviser on diversity and inclusion for the University of Tennessee’s president.

Through the survey, students provided feedback on topics ranging from overall satisfaction with UTC to whether that had experienced intimidating conduct and sexual harassment.


Last week, Anderson shared the results of the survey, which was conducted from Jan. 24 to Feb. 24, 2017.

The survey, which has been administered at other University of Tennessee institutions, also outlines areas for improvements.

“Each campus will have their set of data,” Anderson, who presented the results at UTC, said. “And there can be any decision they wish to make about what will be the first things that they do. It will vary from one campus to another.”

Thirty-one percent of UTC’s student body—which is 3,249 students—responded to the voluntary survey, which didn’t require participants to answer all questions.

Below are some of the noteworthy results of the survey.

—Eighty-five percent were comfortable with the overall climate of UTC.
—Eighty-two percent were comfortable with the climate in academic departments.
—Seventy-two percent agreed they felt valued by faculty in the classroom.
—About 33 percent agreed that faculty prejudged their abilities based on their identity/background.
—Ten percent indicated they personally experienced exclusionary, intimidating, offensive or hostile conduct.
—Of the 10 percent who indicated experience of exclusionary conduct, 44 percent was located in a class/lab/clinical setting.
—Forty-seven percent reported experiencing financial hardship.
—Eight percent of all respondents experienced unwanted sexual contact/conduct.
—Of the 8 percent who experienced unwanted sexual contact/conduct, 66.1 percent took place in their undergraduate first year.

Click here to see the all the results.

Kyle Yager is a contributing writer. He currently attends UTC, where he is the sports editor for the student newspaper, The University Echo. He has also worked as a scouting intern for the UTC football team and currently works as a runner at Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison PC. Kyle intends to attend law school in the fall. You can reach Kyle at [email protected]