Ryan Darling (left) and Ben Dalby host Cut-Throat Comedy on Friday night. (Photo: Contributed)

The only thing comics enjoy more than performing prepared material to an engaged crowd is being guests on a locally produced throwback novelty game show, probably.

Cut-Throat Comedy is the creation of Ben Dalby and Ryan Darling. Both are respected local comics, but they’ve also earned a reputation as being quality hosts for local stand-up showcases at JJ’s Bohemia.

The monthly show—which debuts as the Palace Theater on Friday night at 8 p.m.—pits three teams of two comedians against each other in a variety of “games that resemble classic game shows you love.”


Admission $5 in advance or at the door. Only a limited number of tickets remain. 

Organizers have not revealed which games will be played, but insist they will differ enough from the originals to keep them from “getting sued.”

The winning team will win “warm pizza and cold beer,” according to the event page. As a consolation prize, the losing teams will win “warm beer and cold pizza.” It is unclear if the cold pizza will be an older, pre-refrigerated pizza or, rather, the same warm pizza provided to the winners that has been purposefully chilled to create a “cold pizza” effect.

Comics Grace Holtz, Reed Landry, Natasha Ferrier, Malachi Nimmons, Andrew Ledbetter and David Hannah will be the first performers at the inaugural show.

The Cut-Throat format from producers: 

The point of the game is to earn points through winning team challenges. After the first three games, the team with the least amount of points is eliminated. The team members of the first team eliminated will both perform 1 minute of standup comedy, be pied in the face, and then spend the remainder of the show off to the side of the stage.

The remaining 2 teams will battle head-to-head in 2 last games. The team with the least amount of points after these games will be eliminated. The team members of the 2nd eliminated team will both perform 2.5 minutes of standup comedy, be pied in the face by the winning team, and join the first eliminated team on the side of the stage.

The winning team now decides what to do with the prize set. The prize set is a collective 10 minutes of stage time. On stage, the members of the team will decide if they want to split the time or steal the time. If one player steals and the other player splits, the player who stole gets the 10-minute set and is declared the sole-winner of the game. But be warned, there are consequences to every possible outcome of the split/steal option.

Cut-Throat Comedy joins the previously announced Once a Month comedy showcase at the Palace Theater. A comedy talk show called Chatt Talk Tonight hosted by Donnie Marsh will debut on March 15.

The Palace Theater is located at 818 Georgia Ave.