Hamilton County resident Christopher Dahl said he is seeking to take the District 4 County Commission seat in the November general election. (Photo: Contributed)

Hamilton County resident Christopher Dahl announced he’s running for County Commission seat District 4.

Dahl, who is running as an independent, said he wants to make his district a priority and work on issues such as crime, taxes and jobs.

“Our representative thinks the community is all stupid saying he’s helping bring jobs to our county; that’s code talk for ‘I outsourced a diaper full of good-paying jobs so I can bring in a bunch of low paying crappy ones,'” Dahl said in a prepared statement. 


County Commissioner Warren Mackey is seeking re-election for the seat.

He also said he’s worked his entire life in Hamilton County and has seen a “revolving employment door” of employers wooed by elected leaders.

“Then who gets stuck with the cleanup bill for the mess they make out of our lands?” he also said in a prepared statement. “It’s a racket, a dirty sneaky racket. Lies need stop being told.”