7 Deadly Sins: (l-r) Floami Fly, [email protected], iamDES, Profound, Basqui, Milz and HuppSound. (Photo: Contributed)

As anyone who spends an extended amount of time around hip-hop can tell you, collaboration is the heart and soul of the genre. That’s not to say that solo artists aren’t expressing the aesthetic to its fullest—they are merely approaching these sounds from a different (though no less valid) perspective. So whether it’s two voices echoing off one another or a group of people sharing the mic, this intermixing of vocals provides a dense but fluid foundation on which to communicate their collective consciousness. For proof of its effectiveness, just look at the roar created by hip-hop collective 7 Deadly Sins.

Comprised of Floami Fly, [email protected], iamDES, Profound, Basqui, Milz and HuppSound, the group counts members from all over the United States. Floami Fly, [email protected] and Milz are all Scenic City natives (with HuppSound pending time between Nashville and Chattanooga). iamDes is from Los Angeles while Basqui and Profound both hail from South Carolina. They met when HuppSound was first getting the idea for a new song together and wanted to include a larger group of musicians. Hupp brought the idea to [email protected] who suggested that they name the group 7 Deadly Sins. Profound, Basqui and iamDES are all friends of Hupp’s and were brought in because he knew of their considerable lyrical abilities. The group is currently prepping to write and record their debut EP.

On their new single, “7 Deadly Sins,” the group basically tunes through a round-table cypher, with each member getting their moment to step into the stoplight and hurl bars at your ears.  It’s an introduction to the band, a “getting to know you” that allows each person to stand apart for a time to show what they can do. Backed by samples from the movie “Seven,” militant beats, wobbly blips and plinks and a thumping bassline that burrows deep into your brain, the track is filled with a particularly barbed lyrical serration and a musical energy that doesn’t dissipate even after the song fades away. The air is still charged with a rhythmic electricity that you’ll carry with you for hours.


Produced by HuppSound, the track is a dense mass of expansive influences and possesses a commanding melodic presence, alternating between verbal assaults and unexpected musical detours. The accompanying video was directed by AK Films and highlights several recognizable locations around Chattanooga. It’s a vivid and memorable trip through the Scenic City and is a perfect way to present the group for the first time. So keep your head up and keep your ears open for what 7 Deadly Sins has in store for us next.

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