EPB and Atlas Organics have partnered up to divert compostable material from landfills.

“As a leader in sustainability in Chattanooga, EPB decided to take a look at our waste stream and make some significant changes,” EPB’s Director of Community & Environmental Stewardship Elizabeth Hammitt said in a prepared statement. “Working with Atlas Organics has provided us with a means to divert a significant portion of our waste from the landfill to composting.”

Going forward, EPB will only use reusable or compostable cups in breakrooms.

EPB also added composting bins and brought Atlas in to train the staff.

In the first week after expanding from a small pilot program to a building-wide program, EPB more than quadrupled the amount of material diverted from the landfill, according to a news release.

“Compostable material is 25 percent of what goes into landfills,” Atlas Organics General Manager in Chattanooga Cullon Hooks said in a prepared statement. “It is 100 percent recyclable and is returned to the earth as a soil amendment…Composting goes beyond sustainability. It is a regenerative process that diverts a material from the landfill and puts it back to use rebuilding depleted soil.”