“Grease,” the iconic musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, will screen at a few local theaters this Sunday in honor of its 40th anniversary.

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One of the most memorable musicals of all time, “Grease” is heading back to the big screen this weekend in honor of its 40th anniversary. Starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, the film follows the lives of two high school seniors in the late ’50s as they navigate love, school and rock ‘n’ roll. Directed by Randal Kleiser and adapted for the screen by Bronte Woodard, the film enjoys a long life due to the effervescent performances of the leads and the fierce portrayal of Rizzo by Stockard Channing, as well as the infinitely hummable songs, including “You’re the One That I Want” and “Summer Nights.” With its popularity still strong among musical aficionados, it’s one movie that’ll have you singing along until Danny and Sandy fly off into that bright blue sky.


When: Sunday, April 8
Where: Regal Hamilton Place 8, AMC Chattanooga 18
Rating: PG-13

A Quiet Place
Directed by (and co-written and starring) John Krasinski, “A Quiet Place” is unlike much of modern horror, relying on intelligent atmosphere, mood and character work to make the darkness and sound itself seem so ominous. The film follows the lives of a family trying to survive while being in proximity to vicious creatures who hunt by sound. They communicate is barely-heard whispers and sign language and take great pains in their daily lives to avoid making even the slightest noise. But a confrontation is inevitable, and “A Quiet Place” delivers on a lot of suspense, dread and measured creature action. Horror is so much effective when your own mind is feeding you misinformation, and this film takes delight in using sound as a weapon, both in use and anticipation. Smartly crafted and absolutely terrifying in parts, it’s one of the best scary movies to come along in years.

When: Thursday-Wednesday, April 5-11
Where: Regal Hamilton Place 8
Rating: PG-13

Eating You Alive
Most Americans don’t have a particularly healthy relationship with food. We try our best, but sometimes those cravings can whittle away our defenses until we just can’t stop eating all those different sweets and carbs. Taking a deep look at this dysfunctional association is “Eating You Alive,” a documentary that tries to get at the heart of why it’s so difficult to eat without becoming consumed by our own food. With interviews by various celebrities (including noted health crusaders such as director James Cameron, actor Samuel L. Jackson and comedian Penn Jillette) as well as a handful of doctors and dietitians, the film aims to put the best information about what we eat in the hands of individuals so that we all can make better and more educated choices about what we eat.

When: Thursday, April 5
Where: Regal Hamilton Place 8, Cleveland UEC Theatres 14
Rating: Not rated

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