Kacey Musgraves. (Photo: Contributed)

It’s time for our round-up of our favorite songs of the week.

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Song of the Week
Our favorite song of the week—the one we’ve been sitting up at night humming because it won’t get out of our ears—is the opening track to Kacey Musgraves’ incredible new album “Golden Hour.” The track “Slow Burn” sounds exactly like the title would suggest. It reminds us of late poet/philosopher James Kavanaugh and his idea of playing what he calls “The Long Game.” It’s ok for life to unfold slowly. Musgraves is fine with taking things easy and letting the world unfold around her. Hell, the drums don’t even kick in until the 1:30 mark of the song. We love this song.

Other highlights:

“Someone to Lose,”  The Vaccines

“Touchstone,” Laura Jean

“Apathy,” Frankie Cosmos

“A.M. A.M.” by Damien Jurado
Note: this song came out in 2016, but it was recently featured in the incredible ( I can’t stress that enough) Netflix documentary “Wild Wild Country” about a sex cult that takes over an Oregon town in the early 1980s. You should watch it. Jurado is an incredible artist and this song fits perfectly with the vibe of the show.

All the tracks we enjoyed this week can be found in our ongoing Spotify Playlist: