The Impossible Burger, a meatless creation, is coming to Chattanooga.

Local food nonprofit ChattaVegan worked with Southside restaurant and bar Flying Squirrel to bring a meatless burger brand, which is hard to find locally, to the Scenic City.

“This burger is completely plant-based and has seen huge investment from venture capitalists all over the world including Bill Gates,” ChattaVegan founder Corey Evatt said.

Flying Squirrel will be serving about 100 burgers during regular business hours Wednesday. For $14, patrons can get a burger, fries and nonalcoholic drink.

The Impossible Burger first made its local debut in the past weekend when Cashew served some for the Chattanooga Film Festival, Evatt said.

Wednesday’s opportunity is the first time a restaurant will be serving the Impossible Burger in-house, he also said.

The brand is visible among meat-eaters and tech entrepreneurs.

He also said:

It’s actually not as much a vegan brand as it is a tech startup. Its primary market is actually meat eaters, but those in both the vegan and tech scenes will be very familiar with it. It’s received a ton of venture capital as it’s shaking up the meat industry, being more efficient and more environmentally friendly to produce. It can’t be purchased directly by consumers, but it’s been offered in select restaurants in larger cities for some time.