Collier said homes at his South Broad Street development are selling as fast as he can build them. (Photo: Staff)

Collier Construction has grown to be one of the most prevalent builders in Hamilton County, and the company is partnering with a local firm to tell its story and sell homes.

Owner Ethan Collier hired Uptown Firm, which realtor Gary Crowe owns, to sell homes and convey to the public about the construction company’s mission and values.

“We needed somebody who could communicate to our potential buyers what we are doing and how that’s different,” Collier said.


The two companies are launching a campaign focused on “thoughtful living” and “mindful luxury” to draw attention to Collier’s work.

Collier—who has several developments in the works, including on the Southside and in Hill City—said he’s spent the past 20 years thinking about thoughtful development. He’s been focused on environmental aspects of his buildings, how they fit into the rest of the area and how they will withstand change and time, he said.

Transparency about the work he’s doing is another foundation of the company’s value, Collier said.

The company’s growth is proving that Chattanooga wants this kind of care in developments, Collier also said.

“My hope is that other builders and developers follow suit,” he said. “It’s not just good for builders and developers, it’s good for the community.”

Relator Gary Crowe owns Uptown Firm, which is now working with Collier Construction. (Photo: Contributed)

And having Uptown Firm tell that story is important to raise the bar for development in town, Collier said.

Crowe said he will be taking a new, nontraditional approach to storytelling with the ultimate goal of selling all the homes as quickly as possible.

Old-school methods to sell homes include putting ads in newspapers or other traditional outlets, Crowe said.

“The approach we have is really social media driven,” he said.

And he also wants to use Collier’s story as a selling point.

“The approach has got to be [about] why Collier is different, why is Collier Construction better than the competitors?” he said. “[It’s, in part, because] there’s so much thoughtfulness that goes into everything they do.”

Although he’s hiring Uptown Firm, Collier Construction employees who have been working on selling projects, such as the South Broad development, are continuing their work.