Director Wes Anderson’s latest film, “Isle of Dogs,” will play at a few local theaters this week. (Photo: Contributed)

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Isle of Dogs
Director Wes Anderson has always had a love of physical things. His films are filled with whimsical visuals and a literate brand of storytelling that few filmmakers can emulate (although there are plenty that attempts this gargantuan feat). And with “Isle of Dogs,” his latest cinematic endeavor, Anderson has returned to the stop-motion animation he employed with “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” his 2009 film that followed the titular Mr. Fox and a band of intelligent and often hyper-emotional animals.


With “Isle of Dogs,” however, he’s discovered a newfound brilliance, both in technique and narration, that allows him to set out his detailed and eccentric characters and allow us to watch as they tumble around in this fantastical and often oddly vicious world where dogs have become outcasts due to a dangerous dog flu that spread throughout the canine population. The film is a love letter to this most tangible of animation skills and finds Anderson utilizing the same loving attention to detail and characterization for which his films are known.

When: Monday-Thursday, April 16-19
Where: AMC Chattanooga 18, AMC Majestic 12, AMC Northgate 14, Cleveland UEC Theatres 14
Rating: PG-13

The Cat Returns
As part of the ongoing 2018 Studio Ghibli Fest, Regal Hamilton Place 8 will screen “The Cat Returns,” a brilliant and colorful tale of a young girl with a talent for talking to cats who winds up in the Cat Kingdom and begins to slowly transform into a feline herself. Directed by Hiroyuki Morita and based on a manga called, unsurprisingly, “The Cat Returns,” which was written by Aoi Hiiragi, the film is a wonderful coming-of-age tale that focuses on what it means to find your own purpose in the world and how we can best discover the true nature of our selves.

Ghibli films have always been known for their insight into childhood and adolescence and how they’re able to successfully convey the confusion and exhilaration of those years—and “The Cat Returns” is no exception. Beautifully constructed and stirring in its appreciation for inner truth, it’s a must-see for both Ghibli devotees and those looking for smart and unique animated fare.

When: Sunday, April 22
Where: Regal Hamilton Place 8
Rating: G

Super Troopersdouble feature
The Broken Lizard comedy group includes Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske—and they’ve built a devoted following by trading on crude jokes, physical slapstick and a wanton desire to gross you out. Few comedians/actors are as willing to step outside their comfort zones as these guys, and while their films aren’t always successful, it’s hard not to admire their gumption is pushing right back acceptable into a special kind of zany and uncomfortable humor.

Back in 2001, they released “Super Troopers,” the film that introduced them to a broad audience, and now they’re back with a sequel. For a single night, AMC Chattanooga 18 will present a double feature of “Super Troopers” and “Super Troopers 2” for fans who just can’t get enough of these guys and their crazy, messy comedy.

When: Thursday, April 19
Where: AMC Chattanooga 18
Rating: R

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