Chattanooga Football Club games have drawn thousands to Finley Stadium. (Photo: Staff)

Members of Chattanooga Football Club‘s loyal fan base, the Chattahooligans, are working to include a more diverse crowd with a new Latino outreach program.

The Chattahooligans recently released a new Spanish-language Twitter account and website.

“The initiative is more than just a Twitter account,” leader of the new outreach program Octavio Mingura said.


The initiative includes several resources that are now available in Spanish, including the website, business cards with the team’s schedule and flyers that target areas, such as Dalton, Georgia, he also said.

Through the Chattahooligans’ English language Twitter account, leaders share schedules, game results, updates on their activity, merchandise and a variety of other content.

The Spanish language account will be run similarly, but it will be its own entity.

“Twitter accounts are part announcements, part chatter,” Mingura said. “The new account will post some of the same material as the English one for the big announcements, but it is not a translation service. We are developing a different voice and tone for our new expanded audience.”

The plan for this new outreach has been on organizers’ minds for a while now, but it only recently got put in motion.

“We have mentioned it in the past as a way to do better outreach, but it never got off the ground,” Chattahooligan Galen Riley, who often leads the fan group, said. “Octavio was paying attention to group chat and embraced the project.”

Throughout their existence, the Chattahooligans has established many traditions, which CFC has incorporated into home match proceedings. Examples include a pregame Chattahooligan march-in and the a cappella leading of the national anthem.

The Chattahooligans will look to continue making an impact with the implementation of their online Spanish presence.

They see it as impacting more than CFC, but the community as a whole.

“Being a welcome, diverse community is core to our community’s identity, and we have always been sort of a melting pot,” Mingura said. “You can find children and octogenarians at every tailgate. We have a strong LGBTQ+ involvement, and half of our supporters are women.”

Kyle Yager is a contributing writer. He currently attends UTC, where he is the sports editor for the student newspaper, The University Echo. He has also worked as a scouting intern for the UTC football team and currently works as a runner at Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison PC. Kyle intends to attend law school in the fall. You can reach Kyle at [email protected]

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