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(Photo: Center Medspa)

Most of the time when you hear the word “spa” you automatically think, “A day of relaxation.” You’re not wrong, but the differences between a regular day spa and a Medspa are pretty significant. We’re all familiar with the normal spa services such as massages and facials.

So what is the difference with the Medspa versions? One important difference to note between the two businesses is that a Medspa has a medical director on staff which works with the therapists to help make client treatment decisions, consult on bringing on new products, and continues therapist education.

 Ok, so they have a doctor, but what makes the services different? Let’s start with facials! In a day spa environment facials consist of massage, masks, and creams that smell really good. What a wonderful service right? At a Medspa, you get the same service but with added benefits. This is great for someone who is experiencing a skincare concern such as dry skin, acne, hormonal breakout, etc. Medspas have equipment such as high-frequency lasers and microneedling devices, access to chemical peels, and extensive knowledge of skincare that enables them to treat these conditions. A lot of Medspas also work with dermatologists to treat different conditions clients might be experiencing.

What about massage? In a day spa, massages are typically the same for every client. In a Medspa, massages are individualized. For example, if you are having shoulder pain, the therapist might concentrate more in that one area for the duration of the massage to help alleviate the pain. Don’t be mistaken, however, therapists at a Medspa can give a relaxing and stress relieving massage as well. Medspas also offer different types of massage that regulars spas might not, such as reflexology, prenatal, myofascial, hot stone massage, fascial release, and active isolated stretching.