Some beer and wine will be allowed on UTC’s campus, but students won’t be allowed to partake. (Photo: Little Visuals, StockSnap)

Students still won’t be allowed to drink on UTC’s dry campus, but the beer board approved permits for alcohol to be available at some of the university’s events.

A representative from Aramark, which operates the university’s food services, appeared Thursday before the beer board to request permission to have beer and wine at concessions during non-athletic events and at faculty functions.

“We want to be able to offer beer and wine at events,” Aramark representative William Walker said. “We’ve had some events turn us down [because we can’t offer beer or wine].”


Board member Christopher Keene questioned how they could approve alcohol sales at a university when the law prohibits alcohol from being sold within certain distances from schools and churches.

City Attorney Keith Reisman said that after “a lot of research,” he determined that the anything beyond 12th grade isn’t considered a “school.”

“It’s not a school anymore in the sense of the word; it’s spelled out in the code,” he said.

UTC spokesman Shawn Ryan also clarified that no alcohol is allowed on campus, except for certain university-sponsored events.

“But day-to-day, students cannot have alcohol anywhere on campus and that includes the dorms or fraternity/sorority houses,” he said via email.