Christy Kinard has dealt with a range of complications from an autoimmune condition, she said. (Photo: Contributed)

A Chattanooga husband-wife duo, who are also local artists, is asking for support to get medical treatment in Germany.

Jon Davenport and Christy Kinard recently launched a Go Fund Me campaign because Christy needs treatment of an autoimmune disease, and the Infusio Clinic in Germany offers stem cell therapy, which is more difficult to get in the United States, she said. 

After trying conventional treatments for years, and facing losses, such as the removal of her colon, she’s hoping to understand exactly what kind of autoimmune problem she has. Although she’s been tested, doctors haven’t been able to figure out exactly what’s wrong, she said.

“I just want to inspire people with the disease,” she said. “There are other ways than conventional ways to get through it,” Christy said.

The couple’s full story is online, where they are accepting donations.