Gurly, “Beaches and Peaches” (Photo: Contributed)

Besides taking a flight out of any number of airports, there is now another way that Tennessee and New York are connected—and that’s through the music of Gurly. Comprised of Hannah Glass, Courteney Rodriguez and Ethan Boyd, the group creates a woozy pop aesthetic that wanders between the washed out worlds of our dreams and the cavernous psych space of our memories. It’s a refreshingly undefined place where sound and intangibility blend together seamlessly.

Glass handles the vocal duties while Rodriguez writes lyrics and Boyd takes care of the music. It’s a perfect representation of their respective talents. All three artists hail from Murfreesboro, but Rodriguez is currently living in New York studying animation at the New York City School of Visual Arts. This collaboration allows them to stay in touch across this great distance and stretch their creative muscles.

Recently, the group released a 2-track EP called “Beaches and Peaches,” and it features two songs that highlight the inherent malleability of pop music and the band’s collective ease in shaping its features. The title track features jangling guitars and Glass’ ethereal voice, crafting a weightless (but not lightweight) detour through a series of emotional experiences. There’s something so carefree about the song as if it simply existed for your own enjoyment and as soon as you passed out of earshot it would disappear.


The second song, “Dream of Me,” is slower and more introspective, possessing an almost ambient bent to its rhythms. You can definitely hear the overt influence of Boyd’s earlier solo work here. There’s a minimalism at work that plays to the spaces in Glass’ voice, letting them expand and bloom until the song is nothing but delicately stretched wisps of texture and feeling. It provides a wonderful counterpoint to the buoyancy of “Beaches and Peaches.” After you’ve listened to these two songs over and over again, you’re sure to be excited for anything else that they’re currently working on. I know I am.

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