Patent-pending technology keeps the insulation from being compressed. (Photo: Contributed)

A Southern Adventist University graduate is raising money via Kickstarter to help fund a budding business, Swayy, which creates insulated hammocks and is committed to helping support children in Indonesia.

The company aims to minimize the gear used in overnight camping while also providing comfort for a variety of seasons.

The idea came about when entrepreneur Seth Hill went camping on the Ocoee River. He took a sleeping bag and hammock and he was still unexpectedly cold, despite bringing multiple supplies.


He wondered why there weren’t insulated hammocks that were easy to carry on camping trips.

“The idea kind of stuck,” he said.

Hill created the prototypes himself using his wife’s uncle’s commercial sewing machine and most recently has been working with a Dunlap, Tennessee manufacturer to make more.

“We’ve made and sold 25 hammocks now,” Hill said. “That was our first little run to test the market and [the reaction] was positive.”

Hill has also done mission work building schools in the jungles of Papua, Indonesia, and with his business, he wants to continue supporting that.

He donated 10 percent of the earnings from his first 25 hammocks to the cause, he said. He may not always be able to give that much, but it’s something he plans to stay focused on.

“I’m a very spiritual person and working there has been amazing and eye-opening,” he said.

Swayy is working on two different products, one of which is already launched.

Hill is aiming to raise $10,000 and as of Monday afternoon, the Kickstarter fund had raised more than $7,000.

More about Hill’s story is on the business’ Kickstarter page.