Revelator Coffee Co.’s last day open will be Friday. (Photo: Contributed)

Revelator Coffee Co.’s last day open on the North Shore is Friday as the local market proved challenging for the Birmingham, Alabama-based business.

“Our company is continuing to grow and part of that growth includes making hard decisions about a few of our early and underperforming stores,” Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy Meredith Singer said via email. “Chattanooga has been a difficult market for us to support, and our staff there really did the best they could out of that location.”

Singer complimented the baristas, including manager Emma McMinn and said the team was lucky to have served so many “incredible people.”


McMinn also provided a statement.

“My staff have been incredible and I’m humbled by them for sticking it out with me,” she said. “My customers, like always, have been supportive and I’m thankful to have them at my back.”

The business, which is located on the corner of Frazier Avenue and North Market Street, opened in 2015.